An Elegant Solution

An Elegant Solution to a common problem...

Have you got doors in your house that squeak when you open or close them? The primary cause of this squeak is the door's hinge pin and the hinge knuckles. The pin is solid steel, as is the hinge. They rotate on each other causing friction which you hear as a squeak. 

As a remodeling contractor, I see this problem constantly. I figured there has to be a better, affordable solution other than spraying the hinge with a lubricant. Spraying the hinge will temporarily fix the squeak, but causes a messy black residue on the door and trim.

I spent two years designing an affordable solution. The result was a PTFE sleeved hinge pin. PTFE also known as Teflon© is one of the slickest materials known to man. The PTFE sleeve allows the pin and hinge to rotate on one another with minimal friction and no squeak. After realizing the sleeved hinge pin would only correct around 70% of the squeak, we invented the complete hinge with PTFE bushings between the knuckles. Joining our hinge with the sleeved pin created a 100% squeak free solution.