An End To Squeaky Doors

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Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Fits Standard 3 1/2 Door Hinges

Our PTFE sleeved door hinge pin is designed to work in 3 1/2 inch hinges. That is the most common interior door hinge size found in the US.  All of our pins have a brass finish head (the only part of the pin you see when installed) For other finish info have a look at our Tips.  Most interior doors use three hinges, some older doors used two.  One order of our PTFE hinge pins comes with three pins, so you are covered either way.

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Rub Marks On Door Pin

Here you see an all steel hinge pin removed from a squeaking bedroom door. Notice the wear marks on the pin. This is where the pin has been rubbing on the hinge, which causes the squeak. Our PTFE sleeved door hinge pin reduces the friction which in turn allows the hinge to rotate on the pin without squeaking.

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PTFE sleeved door hinge pin

PTFE also known as Teflon© is one of the slickest materials known to man. The PTFE sleeve allows the pin and hinge to rotate on one another with minimal friction and no squeak. Be sure to check out our Video showing just how easy the pin is to install. The video also highlights just how effective the pin works.

By the way, many thanks to all our great customers for making our product such a success.

Hinge Pin Demonstration

Complete Hinge Demonstration

Frequently Asked Questions for Complete Hinge

» Does your PTFE Complete Hinge fix all door squeaks? Our hinge is designed to fix all door squeaks caused by pin to hinge or hinge knuckle to knuckle contact.

Frequently Asked Questions for Door Pins NOTICE: We no longer sell door pins. They are now integrated with our new hinge.

» Does your PTFE sleeved door pin fix all door squeaks? No, It is designed to fix squeaks caused from hinge pin to hinge contact which is the cause of the majority of door squeaks. If your door is severely misaligned causing the hinges to rub on each other, our pin will not correct that.

» How can I tell if my door squeak is coming from the hinge pin contact with the pin? Easy, remove one of the pins on the squeaky door. If you see wear marks on the pin as in this picture then that is most likely the cause.

» Is the pin coated with PTFE? No, our pins have a PTFE sleeve on a steel hinge pin. The PTFE sleeve is half the thickness of an original all steel hinge pin. Since the PTFE is so thick, expect the life of our hinge pin to be substantial.

» What size hinge does your pin work in and how many do I need? Our pin is designed for 3 1/2 inch hinges -see image-, which is the most common hinge used in the US. You will need to replace all the hinge pins on your squeaking door to get the full benefits. Most doors use three hinges, so one order of our pins will have you covered.

» I installed a set of your pins. After a few months my door started squeaking again? Just remove the pins, clean with warm soapy water and reinstall. This will correct the squeak. You will notice old black residue (metal dust) on the new pin from your old pin. That is the cause of the new squeak.

» How long will they last, do they wear out? Our pins were tested by one of the largest door manufactures in the world. The industry standard test is 250 thousand door slams. Here is a picture of our pins after the 250 thousand slams.